Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Semana 2-I think I got spider bites.

And so my mission blog continues (10 years later...)

Hello Family & Friends!!

   So happy to be able to write to you right now! I can't believe it's been 2 weeks...but I also can't believe it's been two weeks. It feels like forever...but really I have a long time to go. This week was even better than the last. I've learned even more about charity towards my companions. We are all three so different. I was pretty much having an anxiety attack because I felt like I'd be missing so much by not being able to go to class. But I had to learn that it was about my companion being sick and needing to rest. In reality, it gave me more time to study and learn the language. They always tell us to study the scriptures and Preach My Gospel during personal study and learn the principles we are teaching first in English, then learn certain phrases and words for that particular lesson. It has worked out so much better that way. I think we had our best lesson with our "investigator" (she's actually our teacher...). But playing a 53 year old woman who is catholic with older kids and an atheist husband. We definitely taught more by the Spirit and I can actually teach and know what they are saying in Spanish. YES!!!
   I got the package!! Thank you so much!! It's seriously the best to get packages and mail while here. It's good to know there are still people outside of this MTC bubble. My eyes were starting to get sore from using toilet paper to wipe my makeup off...so thank you for the cotton balls, they are muuuch smoother on my eyes! 

   My time management has gotten immensely better. (weird, I know). I get stressed every time we are late to something. I'm changing already. Don't worry though, I've already voiced my opinion and we are all working together on being on time to everything. Thank goodness. I know this will help me in the future instead of being lazy and never planning anything. haha.

   So something funny, last week I told you that some of the missionaries in my zone like saying my age to me all the time. (as a joke, obviously). But last week I was playing the piano for a district because they were singing in sacrament meeting on Sunday and one of them goes "hey, let me know if your arthritis acts up while you are playing for us." hahaha. I seriously love these Elders. They are the best. Our zone leaders are so great also. Sunday was our first real Sunday here. I played the piano for sacrament meeting. It was good to get back on the keys. It was cool to have sacrament with just our zone. My branch president is President Nelson. He is awesome. The counselors and their wives are so great and so welcoming. OHHH. I talked to President Brown! (MTC President). I told him I was from Frankfort and he said the next time I write you to have me tell you to say "Hi!" to Doug Fredin. He was speaking very highly of him. So just wanted to let you know. I have two bites on my arm. I might be either allergic to my watch or I got spider bites. Either way, they look disgusting. That is all.

   This week was great in the visiting speakers department. We had Jean A. Stevens, 1st counselor in the Primary General Presidency, come to Relief Society. So awesome! She talked about every soul mattering to God and we are doing a great work. We also had Julie B. Beck come to the fireside on Tuesday night. She and her husband spoke. So great. Her husband went to Italy on his mission. (whoo Christine & Matt...you'll love this!) He said there were only 10 members of the church in Rome 40 years ago. Crazy! And now they are building a temple. Way to go Italy! Julie Beck told us 3 things: 1) Love your companion; 2) Love the people; 3) Love your president. I hope I can do all of these things. Praying for charity is really helping!

   Mom, to answer your question, I do get to work out everyday! (except P-day). And by workout, I mean I play four-square. But it gets intense and I'm pretty sure I get a work out because I'm really sore every day from it. This might not be a good thing, but gym is like one of my favorite times. Mostly because if I'm stressed throughout the day, it's definitely a good stress reliever. I did get a little sick last week, but I took tons of airborne and vitamin C. It didn't hinder me at all. I still have kind of a cough...but I feel juuust fine. I put hand sanitizer on my hands like every second. It's gross to think about how many hands touch the doors I am going in and out of every day. 

   Let's just say I am so grateful for you, family. In talking to one of my companions a couple of nights ago, I realized I have such a good family life. I am so grateful for your support of me and love in the things I choose to do. She hasn't heard from her family the whole time she's been in here, so it's definitely an interesting situation. I'm just so grateful for you guys!

   My two room mates (not in my zone or district) left this morning! So sad! We got along so well and they were the best girls! They got their visas so they headed off to the Peru MTC. So we will probably get new roommates next Wednesday when the missionaries come in. It's so funny to see the new missionaries come in, I'm like they have no idea what is about to happen. haha. Even though we've only been here two weeks, we still look upon the new missionaries as being SO NEW. It's crazy how much you learn in just two weeks! Mel B-I wrote you a letter but I forgot your address so I sent it to 521 21st St. If this is not right, I'd go to their house and see if they got a letter from an M. Erickson. haha. sorry about that!

   I love hearing from everyone! Thanks for the letters and I will write real letters this afternoon! The picture thing was broken yesterday so I haven't been able to print pictures yet...I will when I get a chance. 

Love you all so much!!

Hermana Erickson aka Marth

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