Wednesday, August 5, 2015

So here it is, plain and simple...

So here it is, plain and simple...
having anxiety and an over-thinking brain is not fun. 
Constantly wondering what other people are thinking or how you are perceived by others is a heavy load. 

One might think there would be an "off" switch or a least an "all of  our representatives are currently busy, please hold and we will be with you shortly" type of situation.
As it is, there is no "hold" button or "off" switch.

But for the past couple of months I have learned more about what can be done to put the anxiety and over-thinking at bay.

As we get older, we all have different
worries, fears, struggles, etc.

One of my biggest fears is that of people not liking me or thinking I'm quite strange. (which I am, so big deal...) 

...Enter anxiety and over-thinking mode... 

...Enter God, friends, and family...

My wise best friend said to me just the other day,
"You are not as disposable or forgettable as you have been made to feel in the past, or as you may feel about yourself. You are a caring, loving person who shared your incredible personality, humor, and love..."

W o r d s  o f  w i s d o m, r i g h t?

The best way for me to suppress those feelings of anxiety is
 through prayer, scriptures, family, and friends.

This week I was reading through the talk by 
Elder David A. Bednar entitled, 
"Therefore They Hushed Their Fears."
Talk. About. Timing.

He says this:

"In the land of Helam, Alma's people were frightened by an advancing Lamanite army. 'But Alma went forth and stood among them, and exhorted them that they should not be frightened, but...should remember the Lord their God and he would deliver them. 
Therefore they hushed their fears."

He goes on to say this:

"Notice Alma did not hush the people's fears. 
Rather, Alma counseled the believers to remember the Lord 
and the deliverance only He could bestow. 
And knowledge of the Savior's protecting watchcare enabled the people to hush their own fears."

Finding peace in the Atonement has never done anything
 but calm any fear I may have. 
Fear of the future. Fear of people not liking me. 
Fear of not becoming the best I can be.
All of this is fixed (or at least lightened) 
through faith in the Savior and His Atonement.

Elder Bednar says that 
Christ focuses us on our 
heavenly destination.
He says, 
"Thus, we can be bless to hush our fears because His doctrine provides purpose and direction in all aspects of our lives. His ordinances and covenants fortify and comfort in both good and bad. And His priesthood authority gives assurance that the things that matter most can endure both in time and in eternity."


I'm not sure if I am just now learning this
 or if it just means more at the moment.

When my foundation is cemented in Christ, 
my fears are less pronounced.

Elder Bednar says,
"Unlike worldly fear that creates alarm and anxiety, godly fear is a source of peace, assurance, and confidence...
godly fear dispels mortal fears. It even subdues the haunting concern that we never can be good enough spiritually and never will measure up to the Lord's requirements and expectations. In truth, we cannot be good enough or measure up relying solely upon our own capacity and performance...we are made whole only through the mercy and grace available through the Savior's infinite and eternal atoning sacrifice."

Loving Christ perfectly casts out my fears. 
Completely? Not Always.
In a comforting way? Always.
Although I know I cannot be perfect in this life, 
I can still do my best to love God perfectly and let my worldly fears be wrapped up in godly fear.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that my anxiety, fears, etc are a blessing because they allow me to recognize that I literally have to rely on the Lord.

So here it is, plain and simple...
having anxiety and an over-thinking brain is not fun. 
But as it is, they humble me. 
They help me have compassion for others and their difficulties.
They help me apply the Atonement in my life.
In the end, they help me become a better person.

"I promise the bright light of godly fear will chase away the dark shadows of mortal fears as we look to the Savior, build upon Him as our foundation, and press forward on His covenant path with consecrated commitment."

In simpler terms...


will turn to...



  1. "In the end, they help me become a better person." -Love. You're so great. xoxo

  2. I love you to bits and pieces. Good post. You are right on! And thanks for the jpegsfor us visual learners ☺️