Monday, January 26, 2015

Mission, Mission, What a Decision

Argentina Buenos Aires North Mission

The time has come to document my mission electronically.  I want the pictures and the letters together in one spot so that I can reminisce as much as I would like. 

I would not be who I am today without my mission, so my blog might as well have everything on it. I also have not read these since I have been home, so I am preparing for a roller coaster of emotions.

For the most part I am going to write the letters word for word, but these were to my family, so some editing might occur.


It's been so hard not to be able to write you back! We didn't get a P-day in our first week, but it was still great. I hope everyone is doing well. I think about you all the time. BUT the MTC is so wonderful. Christine and Craig dropped me off last Wednesday. Missionaries were crowding the sidewalks to greet all the incoming ones. It was a bit intense, but they were all nice and helped me with my bags. We went to my room, dropped off my stuff and then headed straight to get my books and other necessities. I went straightaway to class and met my companion there. Her name is Hermana Alvey. She is from Las Vegas. She just turned 21 and has never lived away from home. So we are a bit different on that front. She is really nice, and I am learning a lot from her. She knows way more about the Scriptures and has really been helping me with my Spanish. We had 2 other sisters in our district, but one moved up to intermediate, so we got another companion and now I'm in a three some. 
(I'm going to interject here as me in the present and say why would I phrase it like that?)
The other sister is Hermana Renteria. She is from Ventura, CA and is great. She is 22. I am mostly used to being by myself, so it's interesting having to bring two people with you every time you want to get up to get a kleenex or walk to the bathroom.  But I love them both and we are for sure learning a lot from each other. 

The Spanish is going better than I expected. I know how to pray (mostly). I'm like a 5-year old saying the most simple prayers. Sometimes I speak spanglish. We have already taught 3 lessons to our "first investigator" and today will be our fourth. We are teaching in Spanish...but we mostly committed her to reading the Book of Mormon.  This time we are talking about the Atonement.  This is my favorite topic, so it'll be easier to talk about and give some experience.  Our teacher is Hermano Jimenez. He is wayyyy intense.  He wants us to mostly know everything in 3 weeks so that we can practice, practice, practice in the last 6 weeks. Eeek. But it's good to have someone motivate us to learn quickly. 

I haven't become huge yet. It's weird not eating snacks at night and such. Three meals a day, that's it. And you all know how picky I am so sometimes I just eat a PB&J sandwich. But it's a good one. I get to eat white bread. We eat dinner at 4:30 so it's definitely earlier than normal, somehow I'm not hungry at night. 

The schedule hasn't been as hard to adjust to as I thought. It's nice having it mapped out and knowing what I'm doing with my day the night before. We get up at 6:30 and go to bed by 10:30. I'm normally in bed by 10:20 because, well, frankly, I'm tired. But I know I have outside help here. Never before would I have been able to keep this schedule without being completely wiped out. It's been amazing having that extra strength. I pray all the time here. We pray before and after everything and we do companion and personal prayer always. I love it. It's bringing me so much closer to God. I thought I knew what having God help me out is like...but let me tell you, I didn't. 

Conference was amazing. It's hard to see the sisters among all the elders when we are all crowded into the big gym, so it's so spiritual to see all those young men in their suits ready to hear the words of the Lord. How many times did they mention missionary work? I loved it! It took on a whole new meaning when I am wearing the name badge with Jesucristo. I loved Elder Eyring's talk. His emotions always get the best of him, but I can feel the Spirit so strong when he talks. I heard Elder Holland gave an amazing talk at Priesthood session. I'll need to get a copy of that once the ensign comes to the bookstore here. 

Oh, we also had to clean the showers for a first service time and it was sicko. I think I almost barfed. There was so much hair in the drains. (Christine, you warned me of this...the warning did not do it justice...haha) Anyway, it was good to be able to help clean our floor and bathrooms!

It's hard to think what else to say when I only have half an hour. I'm sad I missed Grandpa's graveside service. I'm glad it went well though. I know he is having a grand old time with his friends Chuck and Chuck right now! I don't have much time left. eek. I'm writing letters later this afternoon so I can try and write more then. 

Dad and Mom-Thanks for all the dear elders, I love them!! I have a smile on my face every time I get a letter. I love you so much. Thanks for all of your support and love. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll answer them! Week one has definitely felt like year one. I feel like I've been here so long already, and I definitely don't feel like I am anywhere near Provo. I went to the temple this morning. It was amazing. I'm loving it and I'm doing great. I can't wait to hear back from you guys! I'll write again in a week! Hopefully this letter wasn't too dull. I'm still funny, don't worry. I'm the class clown of our district. hahaha. Just kidding. Did I mention I love my district? They are the best Elders here!! so wonderful! We all have different stories and I love them already! I only have 28 seconds. I love you so much!! I pray for you every night.

Love you,
Hermana Erickson

The lovely Hermana Alvey. 

District, big heart. 

first week official.

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