Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spiritual Sunday: Generational Gap

Is it me, or am I getting old?

Every Sunday when I meet with the Young Women, I see more and more how much has changed even since I was in high school. 
(which was really not THAT long ago...)

I have seen the changes technology has 
had on the lives of the youth. 
Both good and not so good.

I was thinking today how innocent most of us were 
when we were 12, 13, 14...
(maybe that was just me?)
And today the young women are not that innocent. 

They look more grown up.
They act more grown up.

It's scary how much is out there, how much they are in the know.

I remember one of my wise institute teachers taught us that the way to protect children is by 
reading the scriptures and praying daily.  

I really feel like I want to make sure my young women are doing so.
I feel so responsible for them and want them to know how much their decisions now will affect their later lives. 

First things first, I have to do the things that I teach them. 
I made a goal a few months back to 
read my scriptures for at least a 1/2 hour a day.
Things got shaky for awhile there, 
but I'm back on track 
and have been doing that for at least the past 2 weeks. 
I've felt so much happier.
It's crazy how much I can forget that 
those are the things that make me happy 
and help me be that example for these girls.

I've also been reading my favorite spiritual-guide book 
(and most recommended)
by Ardeth G. Kapp
This book can bring anybody out of a stupor. 

As I realize that I have to teach 
these girls things that I've learned and 
help them feel the Spirit and 
help them become converted...
it can become a bit overwhelming.

But I know that as I try and live the things that I teach, that the Spirit will help them understand in their own way.
I need to be in tune so that they can be.

I can tell how much they look up to me 
(not in a braggy sort of way)
and it makes me want to be a better person
and better example for them.
What a blessing it is to serve them right now.

Speaking of becoming a better person...
Tonight at the SED 
(in the old days this was just a plain old fireside)
we watched this video:

What a wonderful kid.
Such an example of friendship and service.

"There is no spirit but what was pure and holy when it came here from the celestial world...
H e   i s   t h e   f a t h e r   o f   o u r   s p i r i t s; 
and if we could know, understand, and do his will, 
every soul would be prepared to return back into his presence 
and when they get there 
they will see that they had formerly lived there for ages
that they had previously been acquainted with every nook and corner, with the palaces, walks and gardens; 
and they would embrace their father, 
and he would embrace them and say, 
'My son, my daughter, I have you home again.' 
And the child would say, 
'Oh my father, my father, I am here again.'"

If only every person could know where they came from.
Maybe we'd be more willing to help others... 
and sacrifice our "1st place" to help them get their "82nd"

For now, I'm trying my best to at least help 
my young women understand this.
I'm learning each day to trust more and more in the Lord and hopefully am helping them to do the same.
(even if I am just a tad bit older than them...)

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  1. i was such an innocent kid, too! love the brittney quote, ha.
    those girls are lucky to have you!